Brief history of Nameri

Forests of Nameri have a long history of protection. The Naduar forest that contributed most of its forests for creation of Nameri National Park, was declared as reserve forest way back in 1876. The adjoining Balipara Reserve Forest has the distrinction of harbouring the easternmost natural sal bearing forest patch of India and it was constituted as Reserve Forest in 1874. 

Starting from 1937 onwards, these reserve forests were managed as per the working plan prescriptions and extraction of timber, non timber forest produce (NTFP), cane, firewood continued for quite a long period. Even boulders and gravels from the river bed of River Jia-bhoreli used to be extracted. Despite the implementation of working plans for reserve forests , large part of Naduar reserve forest was not surveyed by working plan teams since the area was used as firing range by the defense personnel.

Considering the need for bringing more area under protected area for biodiversity conservation, In the year 1985 a decision was made by the Government of Assam to declare Nameri Wildlife Sanctuary by carving out Nameri and Bordikorai blocks of Naduar reserve forest. Accordingly, the Nameri Wildlife Sanctuary (NWS) with an area of 137.07 sq km was notified on 6th September 1985. With the enhanced legal status and protection, the Nameri Wildlife sanctuary started to harbour wide variety of flora and fauna.

Further, in the year 1996 an area of 73.32 sq km forests of Bordikorai block was added as first addition to the NWS. To enhance the protection status of the sanctuary, on 13th August 1998, the Nameri Wildlife Sanctuary was declared as 'Nameri National Park'. Two years later, the park was notified as Nameri Tiger Reserve on 1st March 2000. An additional 144 sq km of forests of Balipara and Naduar Reserve Forests was added as buffer to the Nameri Tiger Reserve.

Chronological History

Constitution of Balipara Reserve Forest – 28th January 1874
Constitution of Naduar Reserve Forest - 31st August 1876
Declaration of Nameri Wildlife Sanctuary – 6th September 1985
First addition to Nameri Wildlife Sanctuary – 8th July 1996
Declaration of Nameri National Park – 13th August 1998
Formation of Nameri Tiger Reserve – 1st March 2000