Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there any vehicle and elephant safari in Nameri?

The terrain of Nameri is such that it is not possible to have vehicle safari inside the park. Similarly, owing to the shortage of domestic elephants and the manpower, we are unable to provide the elephant safari service.

2. Where can I get boat for river rafting?

Inflated boat, boatmen, vehicle for transportation are usually arranged by the managers of eco-camp/ resort/lodges. Please contact managers of your accommodation for more information.

3. Why can't we camp inside the park and roam wherever we feel like?

Prevailing rules and regulations do not allow for camping inside the park. As per the Ecotourism guidelines formulated by National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA), Government of India, all tourism related activities need to be confined to designated ecotourism zone. Hence, visitors have to stick to the designated visitor routes/ trails.

4. Is it possible to do angling inside the national park?

No. The Wildlife Protection Act of 1972 prohibits such type of activity inside the national park.

5. Can I stay overnight inside the park?

No it is not possible for visitors to stay inside the park as there are no facilities for accommodating visitors.

6. Is there any forest bunglow or inspection IB that I can book for my stay?

There are no forest bunglows / Inspection IB inside the park. You are requested to see the 'places to stay' section of this website for more information.

7. Can you assist us in booking our accommodation?

Owing to limited human resources available we are not in a position to help you in booking your accommodation. Please contact the hotels/ resorts/ lodges directly for booking. You may like to see more details under the section “Places to stay” of this website.

8. Why can't I see a tiger in Nameri although it is a tiger reserve?

Nameri is a national park where wild animals are really wild. Considering the size of the protected area, the availability of prey base, tigers normally occur at relatively low density. Further, the dense ground vegetation and inherent nature of wild animals to avoid contacts with human beings it is difficult to site a tiger. However, who knows you may be the lucky one!

9. How to book accommodation for stay in tourist lodges/ resorts?

Visitors have to contact directly the managers/caretakers of respective tourist lodges/hotels/ resorts.

10. I would like to make donation to the park. How can I do it?

Please contact the DFO either by email or phone and we will be more than happy to assist you.