Nameri Tiger Conservation Foundation

With an intention to support the management of Nameri Tiger Reserve (NTR) in conserving the tiger and mega-herbivores along with associated biodiversity, the Government of Assam has established a Nameri Tiger Conservation Foundation (NTCF) as per the section 38X of The Wildlife (Protection) Amendment Act, 2006.

The administrative structure of NTCF includes a governing body at the state level and an executive committee at the park level. The governing body is chaired by the honourable Forest Minister, Government of Assam. Field level activities of the foundation are managed by the Field Director of NTR and staff representatives of the Executive Committee.

The foundation has the following objectives:

1 .To facilitate ecological, economic, social and cultural development of the tiger reserve.

2. To promote eco-tourism with the involvement of local communities.

3. To augment and mobilize financial resources for eco-development and eco-tourism.

4. To support research, environmental education and training.

5. To solicit, technical, financial, social, legal and other support for achieving the above objectives.