Park Protection

Protection is one of the most important activity to be undertaken by the park management. Over the years the protection status of the NTR has been improving as indicated by the number of camps constructed and maintenance of vital infrastructure like forest roads. At the beginning of the last plan period (2003-04) there were only 15 anti-poaching camps in the core area including 3 temporary camps at Upar Dikrai, Doigrung and Oubari.

During the intervening period between 2003 and 2012, another 5 camps have been constructed and the 3 temporary camps have been converted into permanent camps for enhancing the protection regime inside the PA.  

(Field staff performing patrolling by boat (left) and on elephant back (right))

In order to make the protection and enforcement duties effective and result oriented the following activities are undertaken by the park management at regular intervals:

1.All the patrolling/ anti-poaching camps undertake regular patrolling on daily basis in their assigned area.
2. Details of observations made during, area visited, time spent in patrolling and related details are entered in the patrolling register maintained in the camp.
3.Important details, observations that require interventions from Range office/ division office are conveyed over the wireless network.
4. For effective communication between the headquarters and forest camps a round the clock wireless network has been established.
5. Apart from routine patrolling activities, attempts have been made to maintain a network of informers for undertaking targeted enforcement duty for apprehending poachers/ timber smuggling gangs.