Your safety inside the park

The national park is Home to mega-herbivores like Asian elephant and Indian Bison. Our guards have been trained to ensure that you are safe because your safety inside the park is our top priority. However, you can help us in ensuring your safety inside the national park by observing the following suggestions:

1. Children, senior citizens and people with special needs should avoid trail walking since it involves considerable physical exertion. Further, they may find it difficult to run for cover in the event of wild animal attack on visitors. 

2. Please stick to the designated walking trail to avoid accidents. You may lose life by the attack of wild animals.

3. Please avoid bright colored clothes like red, white or black that may attract the attention of wild animals. Preferably wear olive green/ khaki/grey colored clothing.

4.Please maintain silence or talk in low voice if you have to. Maintaining silence will help our guard to detect the presence of wild animals.

5.If you are doing river rafting then please do wear the safety jacket and ensure that other members of your group do the same.  

6.Inside the park, wild animals have the right of way. Please respect it.

7.Please bring back all your waste/trash with you.

Prohibited Activities inside the park

1. Entering park without obtaining entry permits.
2. Carrying fire arms & ammunition and crackers.
3. Carrying pets, playing radio, music systems or instruments inside the park.
4. Littering of the park.
5. Smoking or kindling fire.
6. Fishing/Angling, camping, cooking.

Important Notice:

1. Please note that the park management CANNOT assure the visitors of guaranteed sighting of wildlife during the park visit because it is a national park and the animals living here are wild. 

2. The park management reserves the right to modify the timing, route or withdraw trail walking, rafting or any other services offered without any prior notice. 

3. The park management has taken all the necessary precautions such as training of guards, formulation of necessary safety instructions to ensure your safety inside the park. Please follow the suggestions and abide the rules of the park.

4. By entering the NAMERI national park you acknowledge that you are entering at your own risk and the park management or the government of assam cannot be held responsible for any eventualities, losses of any kind suffered by you. IF YOU REFUSE TO ACKNOWLEDGE THE RISK INVOLVED THEN PLEASE DO NOT ENTER THE NAMERI NATIONAL PARK. YOUR ENTRY INTO THE NAMERI NATIONAL PARK INDICATES YOUR ACCEPTANCE OF TERMS & CONDITIONS SET BY THE PARK MANAGEMENT/GOVERNMENT OF ASSAM.

5. Additional terms & conditions may apply.