Visitor Management

Ecotourism activities like forest trail walking and river rafting in Nameri NTR are mainly supervised by the Range officer, Nameri Wildlife Range. Necessary permits for river rafting and wildlife trail walking are available for the public at the Range office, Potasali.

For visitor group who desires to undertake wildlife trail walking, a security guard (usually a home guard or a forest guard) is also provided by the Range office to ensure the safety and well being of the visitors inside the park.

In addition, the service of ferrying the visitors across Jia-bhoreli river is also arranged by the range. For the services of security guard and ferrying across the river, a nominal fee is being charged from the 2012 visitor season. Proceeds of these services along with entry fees collected by the Range office are deposited in the NTCF account.

For more details related to ecotourism in Nameri, visitor inflow and other related details please see the Nameri Tiger Conservation Plan.

(Staff waiting for visitors to ferry across Jia-Bhoreli river)