The tropical forests and riverine grasslands of Nameri Tiger Reserve have been acting as Home to a wide variety of wildlife.  Nameri is unique with respect to the predators. The Royal Bengal tiger, the top predator of Nameri shares its shares its habitat with leopard, clouded leopard and wild dog. Asian Elephant occurs in fairly good numbers within the reserve. So are the other herbivores such as Indian bison, Sambar, hog deer, barking deers.

The mammalian checklist of the tiger reserve includes a total of 29 species namely, sloth bear, wild boar, large Indian Civet Cat, Small Indian Civet Cat, Crestless Himalayan Porcupine, Yellow throated marten, Leopard cat, common otter, Black giant squirrel, Indian mongoose, Large clawed shrew, Indian flying fox, slow loris, Assameese macaque, Rhesus macaque, Burmeese Ferret badger, Spotted linsang, Rufous tailed hare, Hispid Hare.

Reptile check-list includes: Reticulated Python, Burmese Python, Monitor lizard, Indian cobra, King cobra, Banded krait,  pit viper, Common blind snake, flying snake and few other species. River Jia-Bhoreli and other tributaries harbour a variety of species and important ones are  Golden Masher, Rou, Kandhuli,  Bhakua,  Bato,  Lasim,  Ari,  Borali,  Xinghi,  Magur,  Xol,  Goroi,  Kawoi  and Kholihiona. Amongst invertebrates, eighty species of butterflies and moths have been listed.